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Comfort Zone

Comfort ZoneLong established system integrators offering high level public area CCTV surveillance systems providing security and traffic management for Local Authorities, Governments and Police forces. 

IPCCTV Solutions


IP CCTV Surveillance Systems are increasingly offering greater functionality when compared with the traditional analogue systems.


Public Display Systems

Public Display SystemsProvider of electronic digital display systems for public communication, security control and emergency planning applications.


SecurenetThe SecureNet service offers major users of wireless computer networking (WLAN) the ability to monitor the network, to confirm that the infrastructure is optimised for best performance and to evidence that the network is secure to defined standards and policies.

WLAN Defence

WLAN DefenceThe protection of corporate and government wireless computer networks from misuse or attack is becoming increasingly important. WLAN-Defence offers IT network managers a series of hardware and software solutions that protect against cyber-attack, employee misuse and provides evidence of compliance and network assurance essential for enterprise computer networks in the Retail, Health-care, Financial, Local Authority and Government Sectors.

Fairlink Systems

Fairlink   Limited offers similar solutions on a world wide basis.

Fairlink Systems Limited: - Specialists in the provision of security, traffic management, electronic transmission networks, test equipment and Consultancy services worldwide. Fairlink Systems (Cyprus) Limited: - Providing Consultancy services and specialist services in the Middle East and the Far East