Comfort Zone’s extensive experience in delivering and supporting high level CCTV systems for many years shape the services that are offered to provide a more effective surveillance solution.


Design including operational requirement, privacy, data assessment, holistic development of systems, the use of face recognition, AI and other related technologies.

Network Infrastructure

Video surveillance systems increasing rely on complex communication systems and transmission networks coupled with servers, cloud services and computer-based hardware.

Advanced Technologies / AI / ANPR

The use of Advanced technologies and Artificial Intelligence can enhance the effectiveness of the video surveillance system, improve accountability, and provide an extension of services offered by the organisation.

Control Room

Remote real-time monitoring of the network also allows for issues to be diagnosed and notification of the appropriate maintenance organisation undertaken.


Comfort Zone offer this collection of publications to allow the sharing of best practice and to offer support for the system design and compliance processes.


The use of a professionally designed, installed and maintained video surveillance systems has become increasingly important given the requirements to comply with legislation including UK GDPR & Data Protection regulations.

The use of CCTV video as usable evidence will be greatly enhanced by engaging with a Consultancy that can offer the specialty skill set required to support CCTV security systems.

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Comfort Zone has been implementing and supporting professional CCTV surveillance systems since 1990.

Our client base includes Government, Military, Local Authorities, Police and many blue-chip clients dealing with site security, criminal & anti-social behaviour, traffic management, residential estates and force protection.

It is our goal to continue to deliver and support video surveillance systems that comply with the latest legislation and best practice whilst ensuring that the end user is confident operational requirements are met and that issues such as cyber security are considered as part of the system design.

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