Comfort Zone has been providing professional CCTV surveillance systems since 1990.

Our client base includes Government, Military, Local Authorities, Police and many blue-chip clients dealing with site security, criminal & anti-social behaviour, traffic management, residential estates and force protection.

It is our goal to continue to deliver and support video surveillance systems that comply with the latest legislation and best practice whilst ensuring that the end user is confident operational requirements are met and that issues such as cyber security are considered as part of the system design.

As a subject matter expert, Comfort Zone plays an active role in supporting the development of the standards and ethics of the use of video surveillance systems, contribution to conversations at the Government level both internationally and in the UK.

Ilker Dervish, in his long-standing role as Vice Chair of the National CCTV User Group continues to support major end users of CCTV and other video surveillance systems by representing their interests at the regulatory and national Police levels.

Corporate Social Responsibility

London Riverside BID

Playing a key role on the Board of Directors, Comfort Zone has a long standing relationship with the London Riverside Business Improvement District (BID) with the aim of improving the industrial area via a Clen, Green and secure agenda. The promotion of the industrial and logistics local economy working with Local Authorities with the aim of uplift economic development in East London.

Food Bank Support

Comfort Zone continues to provide logistics support to the local foodbanks assisting with the flow of produce from donating suppliers to distribution.