There are two main considerations to be taken into account when implementing a video surveillance CCTV system. These are the definition of the reason why CCTV is to be installed (which leads to the technical requirement) and the legal & regulatory requirements for the use of CCTV systems.

Comfort Zone has extensive experience in undertaking the development of CCTV surveillance systems that comply with regulatory requirements and standards to comply with the Biometric Surveillance Camera Commissioner’s Code of Practice as well as meeting the operational requirement that ensures the correct technical solution is developed.

To evidence compliance and to maximise the use of CCTV video in court, the operational requirement (OR), technical design and Data Processing Impact Assessment (DPIA) documentation is required to be compiled and maintained for each CCTV system and amended for changes to existing systems

The Biometric Surveillance Camera Commissioner’s (BSCC) Code of Practice also requires a periodic audit of every installation to ensure that the original purpose for implementation is currently valid.

Further information on regulatory and technical requirements can be seen in the Resources section.

Comfort Zone is always happy to offer guidance when consideration is undertaken for the design, implementation, support and management elements of system implementation.