For most video surveillance CCTV systems, the key to the implementation of a scalable secure system is the design and implementation of the infrastructure that supports it. The network could comprise a combination of copper cable, wireless radio systems, fibre optic cabling 4G and even utilise existing corporate IT networks and internet connections.

As CCTV systems have a habit of growth beyond the initial design and new technologies present higher demands on bandwidth, consideration of future expansion should be considered.

The use of video surveillance systems in the UK is legally regulated by the Data Protection Act 2018 and UK GDPR regulations which place a clear obligation on end users to protect privacy and personal data.

The duty of cyber security by design requires the protection of video surveillance systems against possible attack which can be demonstrated by robust design and management of CCTV network infrastructure.

With over twenty-nine years of experience of implementing wide area CCTV networks, Comfort Zone successfully delivers robust network design coupled with cost effective network management ensuring resilient and compliant delivery of surveillance systems.