The growing availability of CCTV using advanced technology is a key driver in the more effective use of CCTV networks thereby increasing the productivity of video surveillance systems.

The use of very high definition cameras, ANPR, auto tracking motorised cameras, Drones, face recognition and body worn cameras all are able to lever additional evidential information from when compared with a traditionally designed system.

The ability to link data from different sources such as access control, building management systems, ANPR, social networking, ASB databases and combining the output with CCTV data provides a powerful tool that is capable of offering enhanced levels of intelligence that can be used for the benefit of the community.

It should be appreciated that whilst some of the emerging technologies have not yet reach full maturity, awareness and preparation of system design is essential to ensure that the use of advanced technology can be utilised in a proportionate, legal, ethical, and cost-effective manner.

The use of artificial intelligence technology coupled with video surveillance systems can be regarded as a force multiplier and greatly strengthen the effectiveness of video surveillance systems.

However, the expansion of the requirement to supervise and manage such systems should be factored into any design.

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